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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


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Contact the anesthesiologist and ask him for the reasons why his rate is so much higher. Drugs used, reason for the drugs used, length of requiring the anesthesia. Then contact area hospitals and ask what it costs. If NO ONE charges what your insurance co. feels "customary", they have to pay.

Chances are very good that someone somewhere fucked up and you don't have to pay. Maybe they marked it down as standard epidural when it was really a spinal block? Maybe they say that the normal c-section takes 5 minutes, but yours was more complicated because your daughter was stuck.


first, let me say that that sucks.

secondly, all the more to hold above your child's head in the future.

child guilt-trip: priceless.


dude that seriously sucks. i guess i should stop complaining about the $460 dollars that the hospital keeps telling me i still owe them from my fully covered birth-of-baby experience...

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