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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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Sleeping through the night is considered 6 hours. :) Whoever told you 10 hours LIED THROUGH THEIR TEETH. Or they're drugging their child senseless with baby benadryl. ;)

Seriously, though, most babies can deal with an overnight wet just fine. Especially if you don't wipe after every wet change, don't eat anything she's allergic to, don't introduce solids too early, and don't use scented 'sposie diapers or harsh detergent on cloth diapers.

For overnight cloth diapers you will want to make sure you use a liner that wicks moisture away from the skin. Change just before your little one goes to sleep, and just after waking up.

As long as your LO doesn't seem to get diaper rash, you're fine.

More diaper rash is caused by baby toiletries than by urine. I think that breastfed infant urine is less acidic than adult urine.


She stopped pooping so much at night. Now even if I put her down at 9 and don't change it till 7, there's only a little smear or two :-) And with the Bum Geniuses mysterious miraculous liner fabric, the inner is soaked but the outer feels dry against her skin. No rash!

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