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Friday, July 23, 2004


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all this boils down to how you weigh the needs of others against your own. and how badly they will hurt you if you get it wrong :)

this is commonly referred to as tact.

you dont have it.

no really, its a game of balancing how much you care about what other people think/need/deserve against how much effort/sacrifice/self-deprecation you are willing to make.

either extreme is unduly hard on one party involved, but nobody yet has a formula that everyone agrees with.

mine is: THOU SHALT NOT deprive another person of his (or her, grudgingly) right to life, liberty or property through force, fraud, or the ballot box. Anything else is wide open baby.

as dad says, make sure you're right, and go ahead. it probably matters less how much you bend your will to others' and how much you live your own life than it matters that you DECIDE and get on with it and ignore the naysayers. put it behind you and give it a rest.

its important to remember how little any of it really matters.

not specifically you.

love ya sis


it's the making sure i'm right part that i don't have. i know you and dad are always certain of your positions. i envy that, even though i see that you are actually wrong sometimes. telling me that 'everything else is wide open' doesn't help, because of something i've come to understand after writing that rather bitter response to something i read. i'm not actually fighting other people who are telling me how to live. i'm fighting the part of me that agrees with each side in turn. always the peacemaker, i'm at war with myself.

love you too, bro.


you missed the point. make sure you're right doesn't mean, literally, "make sure you're right". it means make "sure" your "right". you will note that in the second sentence the quotes are used "sarcastically" a la dave barry.

the whole point is the part where i tried to remind you how little any of it matters. its like high school. you bitched and moaned and obsessed over every little thing (like everyone else) and then you went to college and saw how stupid and petty it all was( again, like everyone else).

imagine this is your whole life. you are stuck in high school. it just doesn't matter. maybe you will be an enlightened rich white bitch, maybe just a rich white bitch. whoopdee doo. who do you think will care except you? this should be an easy decision for you because there are no consequences. feel it out, move on, and don't look back. the trick is deciding to be content. it doesn't have to be based on anything, just decide that you are happy. it works.

i have lost the ability to type contractions. 100% of the time i hit ; instead of '. damn.

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