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obsessed with steel drums and knitting


i live in the dc area with my my girlfriend, rebecca, and our dog, penny (who would like you to know that he is a BOY dog.) we're all really floridians, though, and penny isn't quite sure what to think about this 'snow' thing.

i learned to knit a few years before it was 'hip' or 'the new yoga' - whatever that means - and then when i picked it up again discovered all this hullabaloo about how it's so zen and empowering and whatnot. i'm not sure if i knit yogic-ly or in the now or for women's struggle or anything... but i sure like yarn.

i play the guitars. i don't play the guitar, though (well, besides the basic chords.) 'the guitars' or specifically in my case 'the triple guitars' is an instrument in the steel drum family. it plays a similar role in the band as a guitar, and it's made up of three pans. hence the name. it's got the same note layout as the cello, which is also a steel drum. ha ha! confused yet? anyway, the triple guit is clearly the superior instrument in the steel drum orchestra.

i got into pan at UF, where i got my BS in computer science in December of 2003. i started out working on a double BM in piano performance and music theory... but that fell through because my stupid wrists don't work anymore. damn tendonitis.

i keep playing with the idea of going back to school, either for law, comp sci, or maybe business... we'll see. for now i'm content in my life as a travelin' consultant, where every week or so i meet a new set of people who are shocked that they're paying so much for what appears to be a 16-year-old girl's advice on IT systems.


steel drums, knitting, music, computers, computers and music, knitting and computers, steel drums and more steel drums. if i could knit myself some steel drums (out of steel wool, natch) that would be ideal.