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Monday, June 19, 2006


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Weeding is very therapeutic, but if you buy some stuff called "Preen," it will prevent weed seeds from germinating, and cut down on your weeding time, thus leaving more time to drink beer in the yard while R cuts the grass.

But it will also prevent other seeds from germinating...so don't use it if you are trying to get seeds to germinate.


We may want to plant more beans where the cucumbers and carrots didn't grow, so no can do. It's not like it's BIG, I'll just suck it up and weed it. BUT - can you use that if you are planting stuff - not germinating seeds? How long does it last? If so, I'll get it for our other flower beds where we haven't put anything yet.


Preen lasts for about three months. They even have an organic weed preventer that's safe around veggies, kids and animals.

You can definitely use it if you plan on planting established plants...they'll even like it since it's also a fertilizer.

Carrots are tough...they need sun to germinate. If they don't germinate once you plant them, they rot. My carrots didn't come up either. Try the cukes again...they're pretty easy. Your weather just might not have been agreeable. Good job on the beans. Beans are a bitch.


Yeah, it's funny - I figured the carrots had a sun problem since they are growing best in the row furthest from the house - which is the one that gets out of the shadow soonest.


I'm glad you & R got to spend time together. :)

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