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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


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have i ever told you you're my hero?


am i also the wind beneath your wings? or is that the wind inside your pants?


You're the anal breeze. Duh.



but seriously... and i may be oversharing here, but i'm willing to take that risk... several years ago on a steel band road trip i managed to earn myself the nickname of "The Methane eAvenger". (the "e" at the beginning of avenger is silent.)


apparently, nothing is oversharing when done on a blog. i'm really not a fart joke kind of person in real life. i'm actually mortified by farts.

ah, the road trips in vans. 13 hours to louisville for PASIC... with one of the most obnoxious freshman boy EVAH. it was horrendous. also, many rugby trips, and we had the Beef (Beth) who would, all of a sudden in a quiet van, go "Oh... sorry guys." And then it would hit us. gah!


yeah, i usually try to behave myself because, really, it is a vile thing to do around others. for some reason that trip just affected me some how. fortunately it mostly happened not in vehicles if i remember correctly.

ah, PASIC. didn't get to go in louisville, though i've attended in phoenix, anaheim, orlando and columbus. but yeah, always a fun time. then again, any time you get that many drummers together in one place, a good time is bound to be had. mostly.


certainly a loud time, if nothing else - that was my first time going, and i was amazed by the sheer amount of noise that came from the showcase floor. but that's what you get when you get a whole bunch of people together whose common thread happens to be hitting things for fun and profit.

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