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Tuesday, June 22, 2004


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i have impulses like that all the time.


I'm not sure whether a positive or negative reply, from me, would reassure you more in this scenario.


what would reassure me most, jim, is some smart-ass remark from you. then i would know all is right with the world.


I spend a summer of driving home late at night on pretty empty roads where the, "I'm going 64 mph and I could just turn the wheel 60 degrees and I would just die" idea plagued me a while. I mean, isn't there some finite chance I would do that by mistake? I don't know though--I think I got over it. It's a great experiment on the possibilities of life, but my buddha self guilt-tripped me into not caring any more.


Am I the only one who has tried repeatedly in vein to push the "Don't push this button" title line to this piece?


Yeah, I thought I was the only one too. Though if you let that one go in therapy you may just end up in a room where you can't possibly do much at all but imagine.


don't kick the baby?


[karen's edit: silly evan, angle-brackets are for html! this seemingly blank message actually says "punt"]

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